if and of any, HD two channel projection, 16 min, loop,  2017 If and of any  focuses on seemingly contradicting states suppression and expression. Both personal and universal, these states occur virtually simultaneously and are fluid. A body is observed as a vessel connecting them, shown both still and in strong movement, from a far and very close, thus abstracting its materiality in different ways. The body movements and choreography thematize these states as reactions to a desire that attempts to bridge the gap between biological and psychological existence. By its undefinable nature, this desire entails a certain kind of surrendering, an exploration of the self through the senses instead of language and its normative function. Deconstructed elements of the performers personal narrative are incorporated in her movement, the vitality and strength of movement contrasted periodical displays of weariness and exhaustion, observed on the texture of a aging skin. / Collaboration with Ivan Marković